Effective marketing that benefits entire communities is realistic and achievable with Elementary Schoolmate, Inc. Our elementary school marketing strategies are innovative and welcomed by Dallas, TX schools, teachers, parents, and students alike. We partner with local businesses to provide take-home marketing folders for area schools, at absolutely no cost to the school. These custom heavy-duty pocket folders are used all year long, and feature the school mascot and colors with useful information printed right in the folder! 

Our team of dedicated individuals and local sponsors has been providing take-home folders to local elementary schools since 2004. We work with schools from East Texas to Lake Worth and everywhere in-between. These marketing folders are made available to the schools through the gracious support of local community partners and businesses. 

Area business are able show their support for local schools and educational programs by sponsoring a portion of the folder. The entire community must work together to create strong, successful schools for the benefit of the students. By patronizing our partner businesses and sponsors, community members such as local families, teachers and students are able to show their appreciation for the kind donations which made their folder possible. This is marketing for a cause! 

When you support your local schools through our school folder advertising, you not only gain the attention of the parent, teacher and student, but also other school administrators and even other business owners… All means new customers for you!

When local students, teachers, and parents are able to seamlessly share information with area businesses and services, everybody wins. To learn more about the innovative, community-focused approach to marketing from Elementary Schoolmate, Inc., please consult our local Dallas team today!